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In a post-COVID-19 learning environment, goFLUENT encompasses all the modalities needed to digitally transform the entire process of language learning. This is crucial for many organizations which, in the past, relied heavily on physical classrooms and instructors. As a result, goFLUENT is considered the “gold standard” in B2B language skills development.

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Michael Rochelle

Chief Strategy Officer and
Principal HCM Analyst

Optec Zeiss Russia

goFLUENT offers really interesting educational content to develop not only language skills but skills in presentations, and business communication, both oral and written. goFLUENT offers the best available language technology to accelerate language learning for their clients.

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Anna Ermokhina

Human Resources Director


To flexibly schedule lessons is very important for us in the success of our collaboration with goFLUENT. In a company that works with many companies in different time zones, this is really important. This way of doing a lesson has surely accelerated our associates’ capacity to learn languages.

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Martina Pivetti

Western Europe Compliance Counsel


The amount of resources and activities that we have in the platform are amazing and are really working.

goFLUENT was also very adaptive to our needs. The reason why we stuck with goFLUENT is because they manage to improve year by year and the feedback we receive coming from the employees is very good.

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Ofelia Nieto

HR & Learning and Development


English enables us to communicate, to collaborate, and share ideas to reach great success for our customers and our colleagues in Sage. goFLUENT is providing an agile learning solution which is tailored to our colleagues.

From implementing goFLUENT’s solution, we have seen some great results and development in business-specific skills for their great success in our global company.

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Dominique Voy

Capability Lead

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