Deliver blended
language training
with on-site
goFLUENT trainers

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Develop language and communication skills needed for
global collaboration with flexible face-to-face language training

Ensure language learning progress with an in-house goFLUENT trainer

Entrust your face-to-face language training (F2F) to a goFLUENT certified language trainer. goFLUENT’s in-house language trainers are industry professionals equipped with knowledge and skills both in business language training and in utilizing goFLUENT’s award-winning eLearning platform, Corporate Language Academy.

With the help of language training experts:

Training content is maximized for online and on-site delivery

Learners are guided and given feedback in every step of their language training journey

Deliver business impact with workplace-relevant course content

Provide job-relevant course content for a face-to-face language training program by leveraging the expertise of goFLUENT certified language trainers combined with AI-powered learning from Corporate Language Academy.

Corporate Language Academy enables personalized training material recommendations based on the learner’s job function, learning goals, portal activity, and level progress.

goFLUENT certified language trainers add a human touch to the F2F language training program by adjusting or recommending the training course based on the background and progress of the learner.

Streamline language learning and training management with Corporate Language Academy

Achieve KPIs and monitor progress conveniently through Corporate Language Academy. The unique eLearning platform is not only home to 10,000+ language training content assets, but also serves as a training management tool for both managers and learners.

Set your on-site language training program up for success by providing a platform that allows:

Learners to check their levels and activities

Managers to access a special dashboard for real-time updates of each learner’s progress

Manage face-to-face language training for your organization

All the tools and services you need to deliver on-site
language training are in our Corporate License

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Discover AI-powered eLearning
and access our massive language
training content anytime, anywhere

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Improve speaking and writing skills with
personalized and immediate feedback
from expert F2F language trainers

Language training
support team

Reach your KPI with the help of
a Customer Success Manager,
and guide your learners with our
Learner Support

Adopt a truly blended learning approach
to corporate language training

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Deliver corporate language
training across your
global organization

Optimize training with individual
virtual language lessons

Unlock effective business
writing in any language

Connect employees worldwide
through virtual group
language lessons

Enhance language skills
in virtual conversation classes

Deliver blended language
training with on-site
goFLUENT trainers

Deliver blended language training with on-site goFLUENT
trainers through face-to-face language training

Add trainer-facilitated F2F classes to your Corporate License, and see
how we can help you transform your corporate language training!